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It’s Movie Time

Media rooms are becoming very popular for Orangeville families to get together and enjoy some much needed time together. Whether you are interested in going all out and create a high end home theatre design or adding some special touches to the family room.

Take a look at these star quality screening rooms:

  1. Colour – explore dark paint colours to keep the room dark for movie viewing without any distractions. A beautiful charcoal gray would be nice with accent colours such as a navy or a deep purple.
  2. Textures – cork tile or carpet flooring (with a good underlay) is a great choice for flooring to help keep the room quiet. The walls should also be covered with curtains or acoustical wall panels. Soft furnishings will also create sufficient sound absorbtion.
  3. Lighting – Ideally the room should be windowless. If there are windows you need to consider soft light sources such as sconces & recessed lighting. A remote control dimmer is a cool option to control the light from the comfort of your seat.
  4. Storage & Organization – Think about some custom cabinets to house all of the equipment. A storage ottoman can be useful to store remotes and dvds.
  5. Furniture – Be sure to have comfortable seating! Don’t skimp on cost here! Also consider side tables with sturdy surfaces for food and drinks.
  6. Wiring – You need to hide all the wire! Try and run wiring behind the baseboards or create soffits to hide wiring near the ceiling for a professional look.

Things to Consider

  1. Cost for home theatre projector installation – Retail costs for regular, average-priced theatre projector installation.
  2. Labour costs for home theatre projector installation – Expenses to install projector
  3. Job material and supply costs – Mounting hardware, connectors and fittings & other materials which may be required to install projector.
  4. Design Layout – Figure out the minimum screen mounting height and the vertical viewing angle.

Side view of a typical front projection home theater. The same concepts hold for rear projection and flat-panel displays. A diagram such as this, drawn to scale, is a good way to compute the minimum screen mounting height and the vertical viewing angle.

People love movies and want to get the most out of their viewing experiences. We now have the ability to bring the theatre home. With a high-quality system, families, friends, and couples can enjoy their favourite films the same way they would in the theatre but with all the perks of being in the comfort of your own home without the large crowds, uncomfortable seats, and sticky floors. It is a good way to spend time with the family. It gives friends something to do together and talk about after. A home theatre can add value to your home and help differentiate it from the competition. Another bonus, is today’s younger buyers want a wired home and can be influenced to buy one home over another because of how “wired” a home might be.

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