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Pre-Listing Home Inspection, Good Idea or Not?

Pre-Listing Home Inspection, Good Idea or Not?

The market is on fire and you think this is the time to sell your Orangeville Home.  You don’t have a crystal ball, but want to take advantage of the strong market prices.  There is a process to getting your home ready for sale.  As you are tidying and organizing, you might have noticed a few items that needed fixing or replacing. This is a good start but it doesn’t go far enough. You should consider investing in a pre-listing home inspection.

You may be thinking, why should I hire a home inspector? It’s going to cost me money and he’s going to find more problems with my Orangeville Home.

That is short-term thinking! By uncovering the defects at this stage you will have the opportunity to fix them before your buyer or the buyer’s inspector finds them. You get to control which problems you want to address, who you hire, and what materials to use. Not sure how this happens but things always seem to be a bigger problem and always much more money if a buyer sees a problem compared to a seller having an issue corrected.  Correct the problems now and you could save thousands of dollars later.

Other Reasons to Inspect Your Own Orangeville Home:

  • Peace of mind plays a key role when people are looking to buy a home. By showing the buyers that you’ve taken the steps to ensure that your house is solid, you’ve removed a huge barrier. Your buyers will be able to concentrate on imagining themselves living there rather than on what could go wrong with it. This will set yours apart from other houses up for sale in your area.
  • Inspectors will gladly give you tips on how to fix certain things or how to hire a professional. Their advice could save you a ton of time and money.
  • Homes are currently selling with multiple offers and no conditions.  You may think this is a complete waste of money. This may actually net you much more money than you imagined.  If a buyer is put at ease that the home has had an inspection by a reputable inspector and there are no apparent problems, this gives buyers peace of mind to come in with firm offers.  This may increase the number of people competing for your home.

The cost of an inspection starts at several hundred dollars; but, it will vary depending on the age of your Orangeville Home, its size and location. You would be wise to work this cost into the selling price.

It’s a gamble to rely exclusively on the buyer to arrange a home inspection. I have learned over the years that not all inspectors were created equally.  Some are very knowledgeable and competent, while some I have met certainly did not graduate at the top of the class. I have attended hundreds of home inspections over the years and you quickly realize who really knows what they are talking about.  One inspection I attended, the inspector arrived before the clients and he kindly informed me he could “find a fly under a pile of sh*t”. I knew right at this point this 40 year old home was in trouble. Sure enough, by the end of the inspection he had deemed the home basically inhabitable.  This was a crock. The home did have some noticeable areas of concerns like roof and windows but based on his report you would have thought this home should have been demolished.

Having a pre-listing home inspection also tells the buyers you are not knowingly trying to hide anything. This also gives you peace of mind as a seller to know that your Orangeville Home is in optimal condition.  If you would like referrals of reputable, trustworthy inspectors, we know several in the area.

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