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As experienced real estate agents who specialize in Mulmur Real Estate and houses for sale in Mulmur, we can help you find the perfect property.

Originally settled by the English and Scots in the early 19th century, Mulmur township was officially incorporated over 150 years ago in 1851. While the agricultural-based economy that made the region popular over a century ago still plays an important role in the lives of residents today, it is quickly becoming a popular destination for individuals in the Toronto area who are looking for the perfect weekend getaway. In fact, many individuals who come to visit find themselves looking for permanent residence since the relatively close distance to Toronto makes it possible to commute daily.

Mulmur Real Estate

From young professionals who are looking for a piece of the country life to families who are trying to find the perfect place to raise their children, Mulmur offers a perfect combination of quiet rural life while still being close enough to Toronto to allow them to enjoy all of the fine dining, entertainment, and shopping that people expect from modern life.

Of course, that is not to say that a person has to go very far in order to find the type of entertainment that big city living offers.  With communities like Shelburne and Orangeville so close, living in Mulmur has the joys of rural living with the convenience of amenities.  In fact, many people find it hard to believe that just an hour northwest of Toronto is the type of rolling hills, rich farmlands, and lush wetlands that invite visitors to explore and experience first-hand.

Not everyone who lives in the area makes a living from farming or travels to Toronto every day, however. There are plenty of industrial jobs thanks to Honda in Alliston and the various companies that supply Honda.

Although the times have changed and the world is by no means the same as it was when Mulmur was first incorporated so many decades ago, it will continue to be a popular destination for visitors and individuals looking to slow down and enjoy life.

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Ski the Hills Of Mulmur
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Ski the Hills Of Mulmur