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What’s Wrong With That House?

What’s Wrong With That House?

Have you ever been looking at homes for sale in Orangeville on and asked yourself why a home isn’t selling?  When we get a call into our office from a buyer inquiring about why a home has been on the market for an extended period of time, they often ask us, “What’s wrong with that house”?  In most cases there is nothing wrong with the home.   But unfortunately, there has been some type of disconnect between a seller and their realtor, as the property has gone onto the market.  If you have ever sat back and wondered why a home or property hasn’t sold, there is normally one or a combination of the following bumps in the road.  Those issues can range from staging, photography, the state of the home for showings and the big one, price.


You can’t flip through the channels on your television without coming across a show that is dedicated to staging a home.  These shows are dedicated to showing you how a little, and sometimes a lot, of professional staging can greatly increase the odds of you selling your home for the most money possible.  Our office uses professional stagers with one thing in mind.  We want to maximize the sale price of your home.  If your realtor isn’t using a professional stager, perhaps it’s time to consider another realtor.


Pictures are another huge issue.  It drives me crazy when a realtor tries to take their own pictures for an upcoming listing.  Unless they have been trained in the art of photography, most times the pictures will be substandard.  Worse than that, I have seen realtors post pictures that they have taken with their cell phones.  And quite frankly they do a very poor job in representing the home to its fullest potential.  Statistics have indicated that more than 95% of people see the initial induction to a home online so if the pictures are garbage, you limit the amount of positive exposure your home will get.  Our office uses top quality, professional photographers when listing a home for sale.

Sparkly and Clean

Speaking candidly, a home has to show 10++ for it to get top dollar in today’s market.  Many times working here in the Orangeville area, I have walked into a showing appointment and the home is in a varying state of mess, and that can range from dishes in the sink, clutter in the rooms, beds not made, cat litter boxes not emptied, the smell of pet odor in the home or smoking in the home.  I have had clients walk in the front door, look at me, shake their heads no and walk out.

Pricing Your Home

Our experience has been that most sellers may initially feel that their home is sometimes worth more than it is actually going to sell for.  As a seller, you get one opportunity to make a good first impression.  Review comparables with your local real estate agent and work together to find the right price.  If you over price your home it won’t sell.  And the law of diminishing returns simply states that the longer a home is on the market for the less it will sell for.

When you enter in a relationship with your realtor to help sell your home, a top quality sales person is going to have a process, or plan, to assist you in getting top dollar for your home.  Make sure they assist in staging your home, use top quality photographers, help you price your home correctly and encourage you to make sure your home is showing ready.  You never know when the right buyer will visit your home.

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