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7 reasons why your Orangeville Home may not be Selling

7 reasons why your Orangeville Home may not be Selling

So you have had your Orangeville home on the market for a while and it has not sold. You have had a few people through, but not as many as you may have hoped for.

The for sale sign is on the lawn and the listing is even on MLS®. So why isn’t my Orangeville Home Selling?

Here are seven reason why your Orangeville Home may not be selling!

1) Good Photos
With today’s technology, Orangeville buyers are able to see potential properties online. A potential buyer may rule your Orangeville home out before even leaving the comfort of their own living room.

It’s important that your homes pictures show it as it’s best. Make sure the pictures stay up to date with the seasons too. There is nothing less appealing than seeing a house in May, with snow on the front lawn.

2) MLS® Is Not Enough
Having your Orangeville home listed on MLS® is definitely an advantage, but it needs more. It needs to be actively marketed through social media for added exposure. Through agent to agent communication both locally and internationally. The more potential buyers you’re able to reach, the better.

3) Viewing Availability
A late night or early morning showing request may not be ideal for your schedule but it may be ideal for the buyer of your home. You should consider being as flexible as possible when it comes to allowing viewings on your home. Obviously, there will always be circumstances or occurrences that are unpredictable such as an emergency or an illness, however it is to your advantage to be as accommodating as possible.

4) The Asking Price
Be realistic when you set a price for your Orangeville home. Check out the competition and take into consideration what the recent sales have been. Your Orangeville REALTOR® will provide you with a market evaluation which contains that information. Work with your REALTOR® to come up with an asking price taking those factors into consideration. Doing so will save you a lot of time and headache. A house for sale in Orangeville Market is likely to attract the most interest within the first two weeks it is listed for sale. If your home is overpriced, buyers will move on.

5) Your Timing Is Off
Take the time of year into consideration. Although there are people who will buy a house on Christmas Day, they are far and few. Is March Break approaching? Is it the middle of Summer Holidays? Did the kids just start back to school? There are many times during the year where peoples focus is on other things like holiday shopping, vacation destinations or back to school shopping. These are not the best times to have your house on the Orangeville market. Time it well.

6) Does Your Orangeville Home Have A Stigma?
Make sure your REALTOR® is actively seeking feedback from all the REALTORS® who have shown your Orangeville Home. Get them to find out what they liked and didn’t like. Perhaps its something you can change like the colour of paint in the living room. If it’s something bigger that you have no control over such as location, or the lack of something, then you may have to adjust your price to compensate for it. Be sure to disclose any problems about your home up front. Don’t lie or hide an items of concern, chances are they’ll eventually hear it from a neighbour.

7) You Have The Wrong Orangeville Real Estate Agent
When you interview local Orangeville Real Estate Agents, it should never be about choosing the one with the cheapest price. You have too much money riding on this choice. Ask any agent you interview about their own marketing plans and social media presence, and above all, get references. You want a real estate agent you feel comfortable with. Someone who will communicate honestly with you.

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