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8 Landscaping Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

8 Landscaping Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

With the nicer weather finally here in the Orangeville area and the very low probability of evening frost, people are flocking to the garden centres. For some this is like “a-kid-in-a-candy-store” scenario. We see the carts being loaded up and carried out to the vehicles! Many quickly realize this little pit stop can leave a huge hole in your wallet. We recognize that gardening and curb appeal can increase value in your Orangeville home (some studies have suggested up to 28%) however, we know from experience that some times poor landscaping/designing can cost you money down the road. These are 8 points to consider ensuring you are increasing the value of your Orangeville home and not chasing away potential buyers down the road.

1. Have A Plan

Before you build a home, you need a plan. The same holds true for landscaping. You need to have a plan/design before you begin. You may not need to have a formal fancy design with the names of every plant/shrub you are going to use, but at least a simple sketch of where there are to be gardens, grass or patio areas.

2. Set A Realistic Budget

Landscaping can be very expensive. Some plantings/shrubs and trees are quite expensive. However, usually these more expensive items are very ‘showy’ and offer a focal point in design. Hardscaping can be equally as expensive if not more as the actual plantings. You may have to hire professionals to grade or shape the yard in a particular way or to install rockery or patio areas. Make sure to budget accordingly. You may want to do things in phases. Year 1 to get the hardscaping done which may include retaining walls, patios or pool. Year 2 have trees spaded in and garden beds designed. Year 3 plant the perennials/shrubs and mulch the beds. Year 4 sit back and relax and watch your hard work start to grow in and take shape. This is only achieved when you start with a Plan!

3. Less is Sometimes More

As we mentioned earlier, if you are working from a plan, then you avoid a mismatched style in your garden. Your landscaping has to be in harmony with the architectural style of your home. Surely you have seen homes that the garden style just doesn’t seem to suit the home. As well, avoid too many decorative items in the garden. A few well-placed pieces add to the overall feel of the outdoor space but too many chachkas can make your environment seem junky and cluttered.

4. Learn About the Items You are Planting

Once you have your space laid out and it is time to hit the nursery, you can select items that suit you color theme as well as for the location they will be in. You need to know how much sun or shade is in the various locations of your Orangeville yard throughout the day. This will dictate which types of plantings can go there. As well you need to know how big will these plants/shrubs eventually grow to? Best to have larger plantings in the back of the bed and shorter/compact ones to the front. Sometimes ground cover is chosen, but be careful not to choose items that are invasive to your entire garden. This can be a nightmare to keep under control. Another aspect to try to keep in mind is time of blooming? Try to have something happening in your gardens from early spring to late fall. That makes the gardening interesting all season long.

5. Are You Planting a Buffet

Doing some research on the varieties of plants you are choosing can save you money from having to replace them over and over again, because they have been eaten by wildlife. You want to plant a garden, not a buffet for all wildlife. There are some plants and methods that help repel critters from the garden. This is something we battled this winter with deer having a feast in our back yard. A quick trip to the garden centre and a chat with the owner, we now have replaced plants that are less appetizing to our 4 legged friends!

6. Weed Control

Ok you have followed all the recommendations above, but have neglected to plan for weeds. You might as well have just planted grass throughout your yard rather than having unsightly weeds growing in your beautiful gardens. Mulch is one of the best forms of helping to control weed growth (as well as hold moisture in the ground). Be careful when using mulch, it is not intended for creating mulch volcanoes around the base of the plant. If you plant too deep, you may choke out the tree or planting. We have used fabric cloth in the past and found that to be very good as well but it does inhibit how much plants spread in the garden.

7. Does The Carpet Match The Drapes

Does the home have curb appeal? You would be so surprised to find the number of homes that have invested heavily in their back yard oasis yet neglect to add any pizzazz to the front yard. Keep in mind, the front yard is what passerby’s tend to see, hence the term curb appeal! If it is not inviting and alluring, no one wants to look any further at the home. Have the entire landscape project tie in together. There should be continuity from the front to the rear including plant materials and hardscape items.

8. Finishing Touches

Other things to consider when landscaping is if you are going to invest in exterior lighting, sprinkler systems, or any other outdoor living space like pergola or pool house etc. These items can be very costly and should also suit the architectural style of the property. Lighting can accent certain things in the yard but also allow for longer use of the space. Sprinkler systems ensure that your investments are looked after in dry periods.

There are so many things to consider when landscaping your Orangeville yard. Just remember that you do not get dollar for dollar on your return of your investment. However, landscaping is one of the few investments that can increase the value of your Orangeville home over the years as plantings mature and grow as compared to the opposite of interior decorating that decrease the value of the home as time passes and the décor is out of style. We would always be happy to discuss your landscaping plan and let you know if it will be a good return on your investment down the road when you are ready to sell. As most people are aware, pools sometimes can be a deterrent in selling homes. Each property is unique and we would be happy to advise.

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