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Country vs City

Country vs City

You dream of getting away from it all.  No traffic, no neighbours just the peace and quiet of country living.  It sounds magical but…have you considered this?

Commute time.  There are 2 ways to look at this; some may appreciate being able to wind down on the longer drive home, take in the scenery, decompress after a day at work while others may stress about the obligations they have once they do reach home.  Some may love being out on a riding lawn mower for hours and spending time raking the leaves or plowing the long and winding laneway while others may find it stressful.

Getting the kids to school and to all of their activities and rethinking your shopping routines are other factors to consider.  What if your son or daughter misses the bus to get home and you’re at work?  Walmart is no longer a 5 minute drive across town when you forgot to pick up milk on the way home.

No water and sewer bills are a bonus; however, when you turn on the tap and flush the toilet, it comes and goes to a different place.  Your water isn’t treated by the city; you are responsible for the quality of water coming from the well and into your home.  There is equipment and responsibility that you as the homeowner must monitor.  Testing your water quality on a regular basis is highly recommended, it’s simply done by collecting a sample and dropping it off at your local health unit where it will be picked up and tested free of charge.  The well pump and any treatment devices are owned and maintained by you, the homeowner.

Septic systems are wastewater treatment units used by homeowners who are not connected to a municipal waste system.  Other than needing to be pumped every few years, they are low maintenance; however, you should educate yourself on how to maintain them as a failed septic could contaminate nearby water sources.  Without getting into too much detail just know that you can’t flush the same things down the toilet in the country as you can in the city.

Neighbours!  Depending on the neighbour you’re thinking of as you read this, this could be a blessing or a curse.  Depending on the size of your property you could end up with neighbours right next door or a kilometre away.  If you need to borrow something or want someone to keep an eye on things while you’re away, having distance between you could be unfavourable.  The opposite is true if you’re looking for seclusion.

What if the folks that move in next door are, for lack of a better words, collectors.  We’ve all seen the country properties in Dufferin County with old cars and tractors lying around, it can be undesirable to live next to.   The opposite could be true if your property is secluded or bordered by trees and wildlife visits your property on a regular basis.

Another thing to consider is agriculture and livestock.  Machinery, pesticide use and smells can be an issue for some and a trade-off for others.

Both country and city living come with their share of advantages and disadvantages and depend on what your family is looking for.  Be sure to know what’s important to you and your family and we’ll find you the perfect place to call home.

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