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How to Detect the Presence of Mold within your Home

How to Detect the Presence of Mold within your Home

Do you have signs of mold in your attic? If the answer to this question is yes, that is not a good sign for your health or if you plan on selling down the road. Should you see any mold within your attic. This probably will be an indicator of a much bigger problem within your home. This is a very good time to nip the issue in the bud, so to speak, before the bud does develop much bigger in size.Mold fungus is something that can be very diverse and completely unexpected. Therefore, it does pay to take notice of every little thing, and to know what to look for specifically if you do suspect you have it in the attic. Here are four definite signs to look for in the attic area, as well as, what to do about it right now.

1st Sign: You Notice Condensation In The Attic

Condensation is something that shows up in cold spots in your home. It can also be one of the primary causes of mold to occur within one’s house. If you do have the presence of condensation, it can do two things, and these two things are to form droplets or even tiny pools of water inside of your home. Condensation will usually make an appearance in places such as metal pipes and windows. It can also be in an area of the attic that does feel cold to the touch.

2nd Sign: Any Noticeable Water Leaks Coming In From Outside

Going forward with the pattern that mold is indeed related to moisture. Water leaks can surely be a strong indicator of mold. If you should have a leak coming from roof into the attic, then this is surely a reliable sign of a mold problem. Sometimes, water leaks are something that can be hidden, and they can happen inside of the wall cavities of your attic.

3rd Sign: Is There Visible Water Stains On The Ceiling?

When you do visually see water stains on the ceiling of your attic. You may have to expect it to turn out to be mold. This is especially true if the visible water stains are yellowish in colour. Water stains can also come in much darker colours. If they do appear in darker colours, you can be assured, it may very well be a sign of mold itself.

4th Sign: Visible Rust On Pipes, Nails, And Also Windows

If you notice any rust in your attic, this is not a good thing, and why it is not a good thing is very clear. This is because it is a reliable sign that you do have a mold infestation happening. Some examples of the places where you may encounter rust in the attic are on metal pipes, on any windows, and on nails. When rust does show up in this manner. This is a very strong indication that it is related to another existing water problem in description. These kind of water problems can be water leaks, condensation, or a water stain.

What Can You Do About A Mold Problem?

If you do have a mold problem in your home, it is something that must be addressed now, because with time it will only get worse. It requires immediate attention and correction to stop the growth of the mold in its tracks. If mold is allowed to grow, as well as, to fester this is not a good thing. It can go on to strongly impact the health of those who are dwelling within the home itself. Not only will it result in health problems, but also, it can damage the structure of your home for all time. The very first step to dealing with mold in an attic is to get an inspection of the attic done. This inspection is something that can help to uncover any mold that is hiding too. If a test is done on the attic, and it reveals mold that is greater than 10 square feet, you then need to call in a professional mold remover to do a cleanup job on the mold. These are just four signs of mold and what can be done about it. It is vital that you are able to notice these important mold indicators. Mold is something that can be highly destructive and unhealthy in its wake. Therefore, you don’t want to leave it untreated for very long, because it is a problem that will only get worse if it is not treated properly.

If you do plan on selling your Orangeville home in Dufferin County call a trusted real estate professional for more information on issues like mold that can lower the value of your property.

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