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Divorce and Real Estate

Divorce and Real Estate

Divorce is not a pleasant topic but it is a reality in our day and age.  Stats Canada has the divorce rate at 38% in Ontario for last year.  Apparently at one point it was as high as 41%!!! Many times the family home must be sold and this can be for various reasons.  We realize during this very trying time, you need to have caring, competent professionals working with you to get your Orangeville home sold for top dollar in a reasonable time period.

There are many legal aspects to getting to the point to put the matrimonial home up for sale and that is something we can look at in another blog.  This blog is about the actual process we have for selling your Orangeville home under these circumstances.  First of all, discretion is of the utmost importance.  This is where the term “loose lips sinks ships” comes into play.  Do not tell your neighbors, coworkers, and everyone else you run into.  Especially in small towns like Orangeville, this is not something that will help with the sale.  As professional realtors, we do not discuss your personal business with anyone.  If prospective buyers hear this is the word on the street of why the home is for sale, they may think they can get a better price on the home.

We understand this can be a difficult time for couples to communicate with each other.  Sometimes we find it best to assign two members of our team to the couple so each spouse feels they have their own representation yet it is the same team working to sell the home.  Our philosophy is to make a difficult situation as easy as possible.  We try to look after all the small details so you don’t have to.  Now if there are major items that need doing in the Orangeville home, we encourage both parties to work together (maybe not at the same time) to get these projects completed. We can divvy up tasks and make it as fair as possible.

We recognize at this point many people just want to move on with their lives.  There is still going to be emotional times and we try very hard to keep all parties moving in one direction.  No one benefits when one of the spouses refuses to do anything to participate.  We have experience when one spouse will deliberately try to sabotage the process of selling because they are not ready to move on.  We recognize this is a situation that has to be handled differently than a typical sale of a home.  Experienced realtors know how to keep things from escalating to a point of no return.

Our goal is to get your Orangeville home sold for the most money in the best terms possible for all parties.  Sometimes we need to hire professionals to maintain the property and finish any work needing doing and this can be paid out of the proceeds of the sale.  We try to work closely with the lawyers to keep everything moving in a forward direction.  We know that from the time the home sells to the time the home closes, can be difficult as well.  Properties still need to be maintained and prepared for moving.  We can help with getting professionals in to ensure there are no problems at closing.

One thing that is very important is to get professional advice.  Do not take others opinions because every situation is different.  This is the time to deal directly with your lawyers and realtor.  If you have any specific questions, we would be happy to set up a confidential time to speak with you.  We also have an extensive list of preferred partners for everything from Orangeville divorce lawyers, contractors and everything in between.   This is not an easy time and we feel it is imperative to have professionals working on your behalf during this difficult period.  We really hope you are not in this group of sellers; but, if you are or know someone who is, we are here to help.

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