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Does Your Honey-Do-List Need a Professional?

Does Your Honey-Do-List Need a Professional?

Now that the weather is changing, we can direct our focus on the honey-do-list for the inside of the house. But where do you start or what professional do you call?  The perfect place to start is at the beginning, so let’s get started.

We all have an ongoing list of things that we need to or would like to get done to our Grand Valley homes.  So let’s start by getting a pen and paper and writing out that list; dividing them into those jobs that you can conquer yourself and those that require you to hire a professional.  This allows you to have a visual of everything you need to or want to get done; and, there is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off the list when it’s completed.

For those items that require a professional, there are many great contractors and trade professionals here in Dufferin County.  Start by prioritizing those items to be done over the course of the winter and those to be addressed in the spring.  Remember to book those trades and services early to get on the list.  When there are so many items on the list, sometimes your time is worth more than the cost of hiring someone to help you tackle some of the items.  Since we spend more time inside during the colder months, one of those items on your list might be to freshen up your home .  Giving the walls a new coat of paint is a great way to get return on your investment.  Cheryl recently shared a blog on paint that would be a great reference to read.  If this is an item on your ‘hire a professional’ side of the list, check out, one of our preferred partners.

Winter time is also a great time to work on finishing your basement.  Reach out to a reputable electrical company to have all your wiring done.  This will assure everything is done to code for safety of you and your family.  Everything Current, Stott Electrical Solutions and Davidson’s Electrical are to name just a few of our preferred partners in this field.

With the colder temperatures upon us, turning on the furnace becomes a necessity.  Before doing so, you might want to get your furnace and ducts cleaned.  Over time, dust and debris settle in the duct work and in turn blows through the vents once the furnace is turned on.  Also if you have recently had renovations done in your home, you may notice construction dust is extremely thick; just imagine what is in your duct work.  One of our team members has used Evergreen Duct Cleaning for several years and recommends their services.  This won’t only make your home feel fresh but will improve the air quality in your home.

Doing a deep clean of your home from decluttering to washing walls and baseboards may be another item on your honey-do-list.  Spending more time inside lets us see what we have that we no longer need.  Affordable Mini Bin offers great rates to have a bin delivered and picked up when you have filled it with all that unwanted stuff.  Consider hiring a cleaning company to help get a good start on the deep cleaning of your home.

Now let’s change the focus to the outside of the house.  Depending on the age and condition of the windows or roof, these might be something on your list.  Onyx Windows and Doors and Centennial Doors and Windows have great options for colours and styles.  If it’s only a window cleaning that you need, does an amazing job.   All Pro Roofing and Patrick Francis Roofing are options for roofs in the Dufferin area.

Also, now would be the time to start booking companies for your decks and fencing to make sure you are added to their job list for the spring.  Westside Decks and Fencing can help build your deck and fence to give you a backyard oasis that fits your needs.

We have only touched on a few of the things that might be on your honey-do-list and provided you with some of our preferred partners that you may want to enlist their services.  We have an extensive list of preferred partners from household jobs to pet groomers to which you can reach out to for all your needs.  Just give us a call and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

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