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Don’t Forget To Do This Before Selling Your Home – Lighting

Don’t Forget To Do This Before Selling Your Home - Lighting

For most of us, getting our Dufferin area home ready for sale is a big task, I mean come on, we all know that there are very few people that live in a showing ready home. It takes the average person a lot of prep time before they can proudly display a for sale sign on their lawn. Decluttering, repairs, paint, cleaning, staging etc. I’m going to talk about a small investment that can give you a big return… lighting.

Lighting gets little to no credit, most of us take it for granted. We walk into our homes, flick the switch and the lights come on. Chances are if you’ve lived in your home for an extended number of years, you either have the lights that came with the house when you bought it or you did change them when you moved in but haven’t given them much consideration since.

I’m here to tell you that lighting makes a BIG impact of the sale of your home especially during the winter months. Bright lighting fills all the corners of the room, brings the shadowed areas to life, making it feel spacious and welcoming. Poor lighting on the other hand can make a room feel small and uninviting.

Consider adding bedside lamps in bedrooms, end table lamps in living rooms, especially in an older home where there are no ceiling light fixtures. Highlight your kitchen backsplash by installing a simple LED strip light, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before you decided to move. No room for table lamps, consider floor lamps, there are lots of options.

Replace white lightbulbs with clear ones, the difference is remarkable and inexpensive. Another option if you plan on replacing fixtures is to go with LED bulbs. They are brighter, use less energy and give off less heat.

You don’t have to spend a fortune but consider replacing single fixture lights with multi fixture lights for example, over your bathroom vanity. If your budget allows its, add some pendant lights over the kitchen island where the famous “boob” light now is, this will enhance an already great feature. Habitat for Humanity and online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji are great resources for new to you lighting.

Don’t forget outside your home. Your deck might be spectacular but if a potential buyer comes to view your home when it’s dark, they won’t get the full effect. Pathways and stairs can be highlighted with electric or even solar options. Tread lighting on stairs, solar lamps along the interlock walkway. You don’t have to light up the outside like a spaceship, but strategic lighting can definitely enhance the features of your home inside and out and curb appeal is a great asset. Not only will it look better but a better lit home outside can be a safer home too.

A potential buyer won’t cross your house off their short list if you have dated light fixtures, but it won’t be something they have to put on their to do list either. It will definitely help show your home in a better light!

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