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Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

Summer is upon us here in Dufferin County, the trees are green and lush and the flowers are in full bloom! I am not a big fan of gardening but I do admire a beautiful garden when passing by either a home in Orangeville or a country property be it in Caledon, Mono or Mulmur.   What I admire most is a garden that is adorned with colour throughout the seasons.  From crocuses in early spring, to colourful shrubs like burning bushes in the fall those with green thumbs can make it look so easy.

What if you want to achieve the beauty of a colourful garden but don’t want to put in all the work?  Here are some great ideas to help you add colour and beauty without spending all of your time in the garden.

A great way to achieve colour to your Orangeville home during the spring and summer months is to use planters, hanging baskets, urns and window boxes.  Your landscape can be brought to life as simply as a quick trip to your local nursery, be sure to get there early as the good stuff goes quick.  The great thing about urns and window boxes is that they can be utilized throughout all the seasons and holidays.  Flowers can be replaced with foliage for the fall and greenery for the winter months.  By adding small decorations you can personalize them to holidays and festivities that your family celebrates.

If you’re like me, you enjoy the satisfaction out of seeing your own creations.  I prefer to select the flowers, vines and grasses myself.  These are simple, yet effective methods of adding beauty to your curb appeal.  You won’t break the bank, or your back.

If gardening is your passion, who am I to tell you not to overdo it?  Well, as realtors we can tell you that although lush gardens are wonderful to admire, not everyone has the time, money or the desire to maintain one.  If you’re planning a new garden here are some great ideas; Ornamental trees and shrubs have a great impact and won’t break the bank, my favourite are peonies, their stunning flowers are something I look forward to every year. Perennials that climb are great at filling empty spaces and they’ll grow back next year. Evergreen foliage is another great option; it provides you with a year round lush look.  With all of these options, you can always add splashes of colour with a few of your favourite annuals.

There seems to be a comradery among gardeners.  They share and split plants among fellow gardeners, this can be a great way to expand your garden without incurring the costs.  Swap what you have with something your fellow gardener is willing to share with you.

We have a lot of lovely options here in Orangeville and the surrounding area; Dufferin Garden Centre, Orangeville Flowers, Parsons Florist, GGG Greenhouses, Alton Greenhouse to name a few.


Perennials- plants that have a life cycle that lasts longer than 2 years

Annuals – plants that have a life cycle that lasts only 1 year.  They grow from a seed and die after their life cycle.


Happy gardening from the Mullin Group!

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