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Grow Ops Homes can still become Great Homes

In this Real Estate Video Mike Mullin Sales Representative for Royal LePage RCR Realty In Orangeville Ontario talks with Roy Chopp an Insurance and Financial Advisor and owner of The Co-operators on First Street about Grow Ops.

An Orangeville Home that has previously been a grow op can still become a great home.

However, insuring one can be a bit of a hassle. In homes that have previously been used to grow marijuana, there is an increased risk of mold within the walls, as well as corrosion in electrical wiring. This can make getting insurance coverage extremely difficult. There are many nuances in this type of case that make it extremely important to talk with your insurance advisor.

This video outlines many reasons that you might still be able to get insurance even if your newly purchased Orangeville Home has previously been used as a grow op.

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