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How has Real Estate Adapted During the Pandemic?

How has Real Estate Adapted During the Pandemic?

We were all shaken when the pandemic hit. We all down talked it at first thinking we weren’t going to be affected to the degree that it was affecting other parts of the world. As cases increased, many businesses were forced to close their establishments.  They had to send their employees home and find a new way of doing business.  While many businesses sent their employees home to work; some were deemed essential services and had to figure out their ‘new norm’, this included real estate.

Imagine, just before all of this happened that you had just bought or sold a home and now the world was locked down? What now? For this reason, Real Estate was deemed an essential service and our industry. Like many, the industry had to make changes and make them fast.

If you were a buyer or seller here in Dufferin County, we were here to help. Protocols were quickly put in place by our Brokerage, Royal LePage RCR.  Sheila acted quickly to ensure our team here at The Mullin Group had all of the supplies we needed to ensure everyone’s safety.  Our team provided our buyers with masks, gloves and booties even prior to it becoming mandatory to wearing masks in Dufferin County. We equipped our sellers with hand sanitizer stations, extra masks, gloves. We also provided warning notices to display and continue to be displayed within their homes. These notices outline the requirements to enter.

Each brokerage had and continues to have its own safety precautions in place. We at The Mullin Group have been diligent to ensure the safety of ourselves and of those we serve.

As things begin to head into the next stage we are seeing an increase in showing activity and the current protocol is prior to showing your Orangeville home the buyer representative is notified to have a conversation with their client assuring the following;

If the prospective buyer cannot confirm all four criteria, then they are not permitted to attend the showing appointment.

Further, each person attending the property agrees that:

Prior to touching the lock box or door code, you will practice safe hygiene by disinfecting your hands or wearing gloves;

Prior to entering the property, all parties attending the property will practice safe hygiene by disinfecting their hands or by wearing gloves and that all parties will be advised to limit touching as much as possible;

– All parties are recommended to wear masks while inside the property

– All interior lights will be left on and interior doors left open;

– No one will use the washroom facilities;

In order to allow all parties to practice responsible physical distancing, entry to the property is limited to include only the Buyers and, if applicable, their service providers (building inspector, appraiser). Additional family members, friends and/or children should be encouraged to view the property by means of photographs and/or virtual tour.

The buyer’s agent assumes all responsibility for taking attendees through.  Agent’s must keep a record of all parties attending in the event that Public Health requires a list for tracing.

When we list your Orangeville home for sale, we will go through and have you sign a similar statement stating that you are not posing a threat to those entering your home during this time.

If you are a front line worker, it goes even further to ensure that everyone involved is notified. Signed documentation is implemented to ensure all parties are notified and they can decide how they would like to proceed.

We as sales representatives must constantly monitor the situation to ensure our client, the public and our own safety.

Things definitely operated quite differently in the beginning. We were doing virtual showings, inspections and walk throughs. Open houses were and continue to be suspended; virtual open houses are taking place. Building inspectors, stagers, photographers and appraisers all had to adapt.  Sellers prepare their homes differently for showings now. Leaving lights on and interior doors open allow for the Buyers to not be touching as much.   Using the washrooms in someone’s home is no longer permitted; so, be sure to stop for your coffee after as opposed to on the way – LOL.

It was believed by many that the pandemic would see house prices in Dufferin County drop; and, that the market would be flooded with homes for sale at pandemic sale prices. But nothing could be farther from that scenario.

As the government stepped in and implemented measures to assist Canadians who otherwise might not be able to keep their homes during this time, our lack of inventory on the market from the beginning of the year carried through. House prices continued to rise because inventory remained low due to the fear of the pandemic.  4 months later, we as an industry have implemented the measures to ensure the safety of our buyers and sellers; and, the market is steadily finding its “new norm” and prices have continued to increase.

Your safety continues to be our first priority. We are here to assist and provide you with the assurance you need to help you and your family navigate through these uncertain times.

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