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Improving Your Orangeville Homes Curb Appeal

Improving Your Orangeville Homes Curb Appeal

Revitalizing your house starts with the exterior. The first test is to make sure your Orangeville home stands out on the Internet. If the listing doesn’t look attractive, the buyers (or their agents) won’t want to see your house.

The second test is when they’re driving up to the front of your home, you have about ten seconds to make a lasting impression. This is your store front. You want to make it look so inviting that buyers will be anxious to see the inside. Failing to do this and you’re literally driving them away.

Luckily, it doesn’t cost too much money to improve your house’s curb appeal. For one to two hundred dollars you can immediately give it a fresh facelift.

  1. The focal point is the front entrance. Paint it a contrasting (but tame) color to make it stand out. It should invite your buyers to come into the house. Polish the door handle and knocker to a shine. Replace the hardware when it looks dated.
  2. Greet your buyers with a ‘welcome’ doormat.
  3. Upgrade to a beautiful coach lantern by the door to give your home an elegant and stately appearance.
  4. Draw the eye with a new set of house numbers. Make sure they are visible from the road.
  5. Shop for a new mailbox to go with your great entrance.
  6. Trim trees and bushes so buyers can see the characters of your house from both afar and close.
  7. Add colourful planters and urns on the front porch and the path leading to it. They are nice because you can move them around to get the desired look. The other good news is that you can take them with you when you move.
  8. Add colour to your entrance by hanging a wreath of dried flowers on the front door.
  9. Add much to your garden and around trees for a fresh clean look, all seasons.
  10. Consider old-fashioned removal; for example, a fence can make your house looks like a fortress, too many bushes and trees can suffocate your house by hiding it’s nice features and characters.
  11. Observe the colours of your exterior walls, trim, shutters, garage door, and fence. If the colours do not appeal to the masses or the paint has faded with age, a new coat of paint will bring it back to life. Minimally, the trim items and the front of the house must look sharp. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the colour you choose is in harmony with the neighboring houses.

Theses simple and cost effective tips will make your Orangeville home stand out against the completion!

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