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Should you Love your Shelburne Home again or list it!

Should you Love your Shelburne Home again or list it!

Homes are rarely, if ever, one-size-fits-all. As your life changes, so can your housing needs. At some point, the big question arises — should we love it or should we list it?A layout that’s spacious and convenient to a first-time Shelburne buyer can seem cramped and congested by the time you add kids, pets or a home office to your life. Whether to sell or to stay put depends on many factors, both financial and emotional. Consider these key questions before staking the For Sale sign on your Shelburne Home.

Will your current Shelburne home fit your changing lifestyle?

A new job, a growing family, an empty nest -are a few of the most common triggers for moving. Financial priorities are most often changing and can have a significant impact on your housing needs.

Could renovating Shelburne Home be the answer?

If lack of space is your biggest concern, options may include finishing the basement or attic, adding an extension or reconfiguring a floor plan to suit your needs. Or, if it’s a change of scene you’re looking for, think about whether an updated decor, new appliances or finishes would be enough to help you fall in love with your dwelling all over again. The equity you’ve already built in your Shelburne home may be able to help secure financing for the renovations you want.

Would it be more cost-effective to renovate or move?

It could be cheaper to buy your dream home ready-made rather than create it, depending on the features you’re looking for. Visiting other Shelburne open houses that meet your wish list and then comparing those prices with what you’d have to spend to get similar results in your existing Shelburne home, may prove helpful.

What is the market like in Shelburne?

When considering whether or not to put your Shelburne home up for sale, a market evaluation may be a good early step to take. The biggest factor in your Shelburne home’s sale could be the market conditions in your neighbourhood — even on your particular street — compared with other Shelburne homes. Your professional Royal LePage RCR real estate agent should be able to help you with these comparisons.

How attached are you to your Shelburne neighbourhood and neighbours?

Sure, you’ll plan to keep in touch, but moving away from a beloved Shelburne community can be a big change for family members. How much do you each rely on your neighbours and local Shelburne amenities like schools, churches, libraries and shops?

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