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Making Difficult Situations Simple

Making Difficult Situations Simple

Divorce is painful enough but introduce the “D” word into any discussion about real estate and stress levels elevate rapidly. Divorce and real estate are not words that mix well.  For the seller, it’s likely you want out quickly but need to maximize your income potential for the future protection of your family. For any potential buyer, well, he or she just might be thinking they’ll score a bargain by taking advantage of your pain. Either scenario results in elevated emotional stress and no one walks away the winner. If you don’t want this to happen to you, The Mullin Group can help. As a team, Sheila and Mike work with couples and individually, Sheila OR Mike can assist either spouse in a separation or divorce scenario by making sure you both feel heard, both are treated fairly and that you both are able to walk away with dignity intact and equity for your future.

The Mullin Group are specialists in helping clients navigate their way through the often murky waters of buying and selling a home during divorce proceedings or after a mutually agreed upon mediation to end a marriage. They are uniquely positioned to work together as a team or individually with each of the homeowners. They provide confidence and peace of mind as they help you transition from the marital home. With over 30 years combined real estate experience and as specialists in the Orangeville, Shelburne, Mono, Hockley and Caledon area, Sheila and Mike can evaluate your home, list and show it, sell your home and help each party to find new accommodations that work within your timeframe and budget. Familiar with the demands of Family Law in Ontario, they will work together with you, your legal team or your mediation consultant throughout.

If you find yourself at a difficult time in your life and it looks like separation and the sale of your family home is in your future, it’s important you know that Family Law in Ontario states: “When a marriage ends, the equal contribution of each person to the marriage is recognized. The law provides that the value of any kind of property that was acquired by a spouse during the marriage and still exists at separation must be divided equally between the spouses.” (1) We can help you navigate your way along this sometimes challenging journey. Don’t let divorce become more painful than it already is. Call Sheila and Mike Mullin, specialists in providing two times the effort with one on one attention to detail!

For more on where to obtain helpful hints and information.

  1. If you need quick an easy access to information on your rights or how to initiate divorce proceedings, along with what to consider when divorcing, visit: “
  2. Additionally, courthouses in most major jurisdictions, including right here in Orangeville, have Family Law Information Centres where you can find pamphlets and information on this tender topic. At specified times, the FLIC’s are staffed by representatives from Legal Aid who can provide general advice and council. The FLIC for Orangeville is located on 10 Louise St, in the Orangeville Courthouse.

The Mullin Group: We’ll exceed your expectations! Taking a Team approach to providing individual attention.

  1. *(1) “”
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