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What you need to know about Coming Soon to signs!

What you need to know about Coming Soon to signs!

You may have recently noticed that many new for sale signs are sporting “Coming soon to” stickers. This is a relatively new concept to the real estate market and we thought we’d take the time to explain exactly what the purpose of this is;

Recently, many real estate markets have been experiencing a shortage of listings. Simply put, we have more buyers than we do sellers and this has caused sale prices to soar. It’s high school economics; low supply with high demand equals higher prices. Well presented properties are selling for tens of, or in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars over list price. This doesn’t work if you just throw a for sale sign up on the front lawn of a poorly maintained home, it takes time and money to prepare a home to show its best. The Mullin Group will assist and provide you with the required resources in an effort to get your home in the best condition it can be in prior to hitting the open market. That being said, most people have busy schedules, jobs and family obligations that prevent them from taking a week or in some cases longer periods of time to get these tasks completed. Therefore, upon signing an exclusive listing agreement with our brokerage, we can begin to market your property prior to it being on the open market. This is when we are able to place the “Coming Soon to” sign on the lawn. Only an MLS agreement allows us to place your property on the MLS system ( and we’ll have this agreement in place with a pre-determined date so that you’re ready to roll when that date comes.

Being forward thinking, we at The Mullin Group have adopted a policy for this situation. We will not pre-sell your home to our own buyer. A “client” relationship constitutes the highest level of service of obligation between a realtor and a consumer . Here at The Mullin Group, we feel it is imperative to expose your home to the open market prior to reviewing offers. Doing so will ensure that our obligation to serve your best interests are met therefore eliminating any element of doubt and providing the best opportunity for you to net the best possible price for your home.

We realize that every situation is different and preparing and showing a home is not conducive to everyone’s situation but if the options exist then we feel the benefits can be lucrative. Some real estate agents list and end up selling their own listings during the exclusive period, in our opinion; this is in the agents best interest, not the clients.

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