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On The Move with Wayne White – Week #9

On The Move with Wayne White - Week #9

On Saturday, April 22 at Morrow field, 70 volunteers assisted with the planting of 500 trees. This was a joint venture between the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and the Orangeville Sustainability Action Team. The group of volunteers and CVC staff met at 9:00 am and were provided with planting instructions from Lindsey Jennings, CVC Coordinator, Youth Outreach.

According to Lindsey, the types of trees and shrubs included choke cherry, gray dogwood, nannyberry, sumac, cottonwood silver maple, cedar, white pine, white spruce and red osier dogwood. The devoted volunteers managed to plant all of the trees and shrubs by 11:00 am and were awarded with a choice of hamburgers or hotdogs which were being served by the Rotary Club of Orangeville. Fresh coffee and timbits were also available thanks to our friends from Tim Hortons.

On Friday, April 21, Lindsey, Brian, Brent and several Town of Orangeville employees laid out the trees throughout Morrow field. This allowed for the group of volunteers to move swiftly from one tree or shrub to another. With all the recent rain the ground was conducive to digging which allowed for easier planting.

Lindsey was amazed at how quickly the volunteers worked. Lindsey told me that “only in Orangeville” could such a large number of trees be planted so quickly.

At the Morrow field there were signs of previous tree planting days. Lindsey pointed out groves of trees that were planted by the CVC back in 2012. With the continuous planting efforts by the CVC and OSAT collectively they are providing numerous natural landscapes within the town of Orangeville. This is another example of why Orangeville is a great place to live and to be “on the move”.

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