I remember the first time I visited Orangeville, I was a passenger in my girlfriends car, she was taking me for a day trip to where she lived when she was a child, we we’re probably 16 at the time. It seemed so far from my home town of Bramalea, really far away. Little did I know, many years later it would be where my husband and I decided to start our family. My husband Bryan, grew up in Mississauga and at the time we met, I was living with my parents and brother in Caledon Village so he started frequenting the ‘North’ while we dated. Once we we’re ready to start our home search, Orangeville was the logical place to start because is was much more affordable than Brampton or Mississauga.

We purchased our first home here in Orangeville, and moved in on October 31st, 1992 shortly after the birth of our first daughter. We quickly befriended many of our neighbours who all had young children. It was a wonderful neighbourhood and our children we’re all very close. They celebrated birthdays, had sleepovers, ran in the sprinklers, learned to ride bikes in a close knit neighbourhood with parents who we’re also friends. We loved that house and those neighbours. After the birth of our third child in 1998 we had officially outgrown our 3 bedroom home and after a couple of years of shuffling bedrooms, we decided it was time to move to a bigger house. In May 2001, we moved to our new Orangeville address where we still currently reside. Again, we struck gold. Our kids have so many wonderful memories playing outside, camp outs, sleepovers and of our annual street party.

The street is changing now, we are older and our children have grown. It’s been amazing to watch the kids grow up and go off to school. The neighbours have now become clients of The Mullin Group as I have been fortunate to list and sell their homes and watch the cycle begin again. Young families with small children and pregnant wives expecting the next generation of Orangevillians.

In 1992 Orangeville Raceway, a horse racing track stood where Walmart RioCan Fairgrounds Shopping Centre now sits. The Lord Dufferin Centre at 32 1st Street was previously the Dufferin Area Hospital, our son was born there. In 1997 Dufferin Caledon Health Care Corporation, now Headwaters Health Care Centre, opened at the corner of Hwy 9 and Hwy 10, our youngest daughter was born there in 1998. Highway 10 passing through Caledon Village was widened and the 410 was extended up to meet Highway 10 North of Brampton, shortening our commute to the city. Our population is growing but the small town charm of Orangeville remains. Our beautiful downtown offers wonderful shopping and dining experiences, our famous tree sculptures and Theatre Orangeville promote culture. Let’s not forget our amazing Island Lake (which is actually in Mono) and the Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail as well as our 2 recreation centres, Alder and Tony Rose for recreational activities.