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Orangeville’s Five Creeks – Can You Name Them?

Orangeville’s Five Creeks - Can You Name Them?

A very unique feature of Orangeville is the existence of five creeks that flow either into Island Lake Conservation Area or Credit Creek. It is probably very safe to say that the majority of residents can’t name the creeks. I contacted Phil Bird of the CVC whose official title is Specialist, Watershed Monitoring, to get some information about the creeks.

According to Phil, there are several branches of the Monora Creek which all combine and enter Island Lake downstream of Cemetery Road in the big bay by highway 10. The Upper Monora flows from Monora Park. Middle Monora is the small stream adjacent to the mall. The Lower Monora has two branches which begin west of Blind Line. The South Branch crosses by Credit Meadows School.  The North Branch flows past EMS Service and Centre Fellowship Church and continues just south of Hansen Boulevard.

Mill Creek is probably the most recognizable creek within Orangeville for a number of reasons. It flows through Kay-Cee Gardens, by the Banner office and throughout the core of Orangeville. It is the first tributary to the Credit River downstream of Island Lake and enters the Credit at Dragonfly Park.

Phil Bird has conducted a number of studies of the creeks using the electrofishing method. With his research he discovered that the Monora Creek is an urban Brook Trout stream. Brook Trout still exists today but in somewhat lower numbers. Blacknose Dace and some White Suckers also exist.

In Mill Creek he mainly discovered some White Suckers. Much of the fishing community is comprised of tolerant minnow species such as Blacknose Dace and Creek Chub.

Phil Bird always assists with the annual Island Lake Bass Tournament. He is responsible for weighing and measuring all the fish that are caught. When Phil is at the Derby I’m sure he would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to the fish community in the Credit River Watershed.

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