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What to do about Pets when Selling your Shelburne Home

What to do about Pets when Selling your Shelburne Home

Shelburne Ontario is a small town where the streets are filled with the sounds of laughing children and pets. Selling a home in Shelburne while owning a dog or cat can be tricky because the perception of pets in a house can be different for each person. Someone who owns pets may be comforted by seeing pets in a home they are considering buying, while other buyers may be allergic to pets and would want nothing to do with that home.

The best approach to take is to clean your house thoroughly and keep it clean while you are showing it to prospective buyers. If you have time, take your pets out of the house before buyers to come look at your house. Pets can be a distraction and they can also create an embarrassing situation that could lose you a potential buyer.

Before your home is shown, it is important to repair the damage your pets may have caused. You may be comfortable with the scratch marks on your woodwork from your dog, but buyers looking at your home will not be as comfortable. Spend time repairing the damage pets can do, which includes replacing woodwork, replacing carpets and putting up new drapes.

If you do the repair work and have your pets removed from the home when showing it, then you have the option of telling prospective buyers that you have pets. You can send your pets to a professional kennel while your home is being shown, or ask if your neighbours can watch your pets for a couple of hours while you have a showing.

Any courtesy we can extend to prospective buyers when your house is on the MLS® Market, such as the repairs, damage and smells will make the sale process go a whole lot easier.

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