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Renovation Rebates!

Renovation Rebates!

Many communities like Shelburne, have older homes.  In order to maintain these homes, updates and sometimes renovations are needed.  Renovating your Shelburne home can be large task. With many “horror” stories out there many homeowners can feel overwhelmed when deciding if renovating will add value to a home.  Many individuals don’t actually know what incentives are available when it comes to tax rebates with regards to renovating their Shelburne home, and as a result are missing out. Renovation rebates are available for many items.

Every year the government provides a variety of renovation rebates to help homeowners both new and old renovate and update their home.  If you are in the process of updating your furnace, HVAC system or thinking about doing any renovations, why not use a program to offset costs and increase efficiency.

One program that is available in Ontario is called Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program. This program is run by Enbridge and helps Ontario homeowners get up to $5,000 back by installing two energy efficient measures.  These measures can include updating home heating systems, upgrading installation, upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors and many, many more!  Additional savings can be sought when homeowners achieve over 10% natural gas saving.

Not only is this program beneficial, but it is simple to enroll in.  In just four easy steps you can qualify for this incentive in just a few weeks!

Step 1: Schedule Energy Pre-Audit Assessment

First you must determine if you are eligible for this incentive by visiting and entering a postal code. Following the postal code, you will be asked three short questions.  From there, Enbridge will let you know if you are eligible.  If you are, you must schedule a pre energy assessment with any of the Registered Energy Advisors (REA).  A list of REAs can be found on Enbridge’s webpage.

For this assessment, homeowners must pay an upfront cost of $250 to receive the report depicting the energy efficiency within your home and the updating opportunities available.

Step 2: Complete Upgrades Within Home

For the second step, you must complete two or more of the qualifying home renovations suggested in the energy efficiency report to achieve a minimum of 10% natural gas savings. The best part of the completion process is that you can use a contractor of your choice.  If you do not know a contractor, there is a list of qualified contractors you can choose from on their webpage.

Step 3: Post-Audit Assessment

Once upgrades are complete, you must re-book an energy audit assessment with the same REA who completed the first audit, to confirm that the work has been completed.  This assessment must be completed within 120 days of the first audit.

Step 4: Receive Cheque in the Mail

After the post-audit is complete, you will receive the appropriate incentive cheque in the mail 8 – 10 weeks later.

For additional information regarding this rebate, please visit

Although the word “renovation” can be daunting to many, it shouldn’t be.  Shelburne homeowners must educate themselves prior to beginning the project to see what options and renovation rebates are available to aid in the process and remove the fear!

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