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Residential Windows – What to Choose?

Residential Windows - What to Choose?

We all have them in our homes but like a roof, we don’t give residential windows much thought until we need to replace them or when we’re shopping for a new house, where they become an important factor in the purchasing process.  They aren’t cheap, but you need to look at them as an investment.  They can greatly improve the appearance of your home and can also help with the energy efficiency by contributing to a reduction in your heating costs.

Navigating through the different options, especially nowadays, can be overwhelming.  It’s best to meet with a professional as they can find out what features are important to you and help you work within your budget.

Here’s a run-down on the different types of residential windows that are available;

Double hung windows are quite common, they’re the ones that slide up to open and down to close.

Slider windows are another very common and often less expensive choice.  Just as the name implies, they slide open and closed (left to right).

Casement windows are the type that crank out.  They open left and/or right depending on the option chosen.  There are different options within casement windows; a single crank out where the entire unit cranks open and closed, a double window where both units crank out independently of one another or a double unit where one unit is fixed and the other cranks open.

Awning windows also crank but they crank up to open and down to close.  They’re a nice choice appearance and functionality wise.

Transom windows come in all different shapes and sizes.  They are often used as accent windows and can add style and personality to the exterior or interior of your home.  They are a fixed unit and do not open or close.

Picture windows are just that, a window that doesn’t open or function, it just provides views to the outside and allows light in.

Bay and bow windows are similar in appearance; they project from the structure and appear curved.  A bay window usually has three openings, a picture window in the centre and another window on either side (these windows are usually smaller than the centre window). A bay window is more angled and protrudes farther to the exterior which adds a little space to the interior.  A bow window is more curved in appearance and usually consists of 4 or 5 panels allowing more light to enter the room.

Garden windows also referred to as greenhouse windows, look like a little greenhouse protruding from your home.  They’re perfect for housing small plants and are often placed in kitchens, above the kitchen sink. They provide light and generally have openings on either side to allow for air flow.

Here in Dufferin County we have a few choices with regard to residential window purchasing.  From the large chains to local manufacturers, we’ve included links to the websites that we could find for reference.  We have no association with any of the companies listed.


The Home Depot

Home Hardware

Centennial Windows

Dufferin Windows

Dufferin Windows!/welcome

Onyx Windows


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