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Side Yard Landscaping

A spot often forgotten when we’re beautifying our Orangeville homes is the side yard.  More often than not, it can become a bit of a dumping ground for things like yard waste, seasonal storage or kids bicycles.  There are numerous ways when side yard landscaping to add not just beauty, but function to these areas that seem to go forgotten.

Start by adding a functional material to the ground surface.  Interlock, flagstone, patio stones or even artificial grass.  Keep in mind what the area is going to be used for before committing.  You want to ensure that it adds to the function as well as the appearance.

These spaces can be great for composting areas or garden spaces.  A compost bin can be a less than attractive addition to your yard so why not utilize the side yard to store this functional yet unsightly container.  If you’re really handy, you could build your own.

If you’re considering using the space for a garden, think vertical and low light when selecting plants and flowers for this area. Chances are you’re utilizing the space that comes between your house and the neighbour’s and it most likely doesn’t see a lot of sunlight.  Climbing plants such as clematis is great, be sure to provide them with something to climb up such as a trellis or a fence.   Ferns and dogwood are also good choices for these areas.  Be sure to leave space to get things like lawnmowers through.

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