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The Scoop on Staging

It’s a proven fact that staged homes sell not only faster, but for more money.  That is why more agents now than ever are suggesting the assistance of a Home Stager.  Once you’ve made the decision to sell, you must detach from your home personally and view it as an investment.  The goal is to help you maximize the return on your investment. A stager’s job is to help you make your Orangeville home as appealing as possible to as many potential buyers as possible.  Don’t shoot the messenger, they are there to help.  Remember, today’s buyers are viewing your home online in pictures and video several times
before making the decision to come see it in person.  You have one chance to make a first impression.  With that in mind, here is the scoop on staging.

First, let’s declutter. People can’t begin to see the assets of the home if it’s filled with stuff everywhere.  If there’s too much to look at, they leave remembering all the stuff, not the house.  Nothing screams we have a storage problem more than stuff in piles everywhere or shelves filled to the maximum capacity.  This includes closets.

Secondly, let’s depersonalize your home by taking down all those personal photos of your family and friends.  Potential buyers find it much easier to view it as their new home if your family photos and personal belongings aren’t everywhere.

Thirdly, scale back furniture.  Most homes have way too much furniture or furniture that is incorrectly placed.  Your stager will help you lay each room out so that it’s showcased in its best possible way.  Finding a storage unit may be necessary for this process if your garage is full.  It’s well worth it.  Overcrowded homes look small.

Fourth, lighting is pivotal.  Well lit homes show much better.   People don’t like dark homes.  Floor lamps, table lamps and overhead lighting with maximum wattage bulbs are key.  Bright, clear bulbs are best so they don’t skew wall colour in photos.  Upgrading lighting is also an easy way to take a home to the next level.

Next is paint.  If you love dark colours, that’s great.  However, when it comes time to sell, you may need to lighten up your colours.  Dark colours can make a home feel smaller than it is.  Lighter more neutral colours are a better choice and appeal to more people and people love a freshly painted space as it looks clean and new.  Your stager will recommend some good choices for the selling process.

Now let’s talk cleaning.  When I say cleaning, I mean a good deep clean.  Nothing shows pride of ownership more than a clean home.  This includes everything from floors, windows, appliances, carpets, to exhaust fans and heat registers.

Lastly, but certainly not least important is curb appeal.  Tidy up and freshen things up outside.  Seal that driveway, weed flower beds, keep the lawn freshly mowed, and paint the front door.  Potential buyers will always do a drive-by.  What they see on the outside they determine is an indication of what they’re going to see on the inside as well and will make the decision if they want to see more based on that.

Remember, your agent has recommended a Home Stager as part of their marketing plan for your home so it shows its best which helps make for a better and faster sale.  Embrace the process.  It’s for your benefit.  And that’s the scoop on staging.

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