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Tips to Prepare your Lawn For Spring

Tips to Prepare your Lawn For Spring

Your lawn is the first thing that pops out when people pass by your Shelburne house or come by for a visit. A dry, thirsty lawn can leave the wrong impression on outsiders. If you want to create a good lasting impression on visitors and passers-by alike, here are some tips to help you to achieve a lush lawn come spring and throughout the summer months.


If you know what your grass needs, then half the battle is already won. If you have grasses such as perennial ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass or fescues, then they could benefit greatly from fertilizers during the off seasons. In the beginning of the off season, you can start with some nitrogen and later on you can feed it with fertilizer with a high phosphorus content. Grasses such as Zoysia and Bermuda will not tolerate any fertilizer.

Fill in Patches

If you have patches on your lawn, then put down new grass seeds during the winter months. Needless to say, if the ground is completely frozen, the seeds will not germinate. Over seeding is another great way to fill in patches. This is done by dispersing extra grass seeds on top of existing healthy grass. This increases the density and lushness of your lawn.

Rake Leaves

It can be tempting to overlook leaves on your lawn during winter but doing this can encourage extra moisture on your lawn and promote mold. This is the last thing you want if you want your lawn to be healthy. Therefore, rake away leaves to allow the grass to breathe.

Oxygenate and Hydrate

Oxygen and water are crucial to the health of your lawn. You can increase the amount of air and water that goes to the roots of your lawn grass by making holes with a pitchfork. Aerating shoes are also effective in creating holes. Otherwise, you can purchase commercial aerators.

Kill Weeds

If you want your lawn to be in tip top shape for spring, then killing weeds during the off season is a very good idea. This is because weeds are weakest during this time. One weed killer that is quite effective during the winter season is Carfentrazone.

A droopy lawn during spring is not a pleasant sight. Apply the above tips to ensure that your lawn rises to the occasion, fresh and vibrant when spring comes around. Who knows your lawn could be the envy of the entire Shelburne neighbourhood.

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