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Week #13 The World According to Wayne White

Week #13 The World According to Wayne White

Love it or hate it everyone has an opinion about the medians on Broadway. I’m not about to debate the merits of the medians and the problems they create for emergency vehicles. As a photographer the medians offer many visuals and special effects. That is my primary focus of this week’s blog.

The eastern median features Orange Lawrence, Orangeville’s founder, along with a variety of trees that were prevalent in Dufferin County when settlers first arrived. This section changes with the seasons. Right now the tree buds are just beginning to open up and will be a sea of green during the late spring and throughout the summer. Once fall arrives the median becomes a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. In winter all three medians are enhanced by the town’s inclusion of lights.

The centre median boasts the former post office’s clock. This towering structure is symbolic of Orangeville’s proud historical past. It is indeed captivating when walking the main street of Orangeville or driving on to other destinations.

The western median contains a rather unique symbolic mill. This water feature has been subjected to pranksters who like to add dish soap which creates a mountain of bubbles. Dufferin once was the home of many active mills due to the series of tributaries that meander throughout the local landscape. This median also features many trees that to this day still flourish in and around Orangeville.

Orangeville’s Blues and Jazz Festival provides an opportunity for everyone to freely walk up and down Broadway which is an excellent opportunity to get up close to all three medians.

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